Rowing accessories for strength training and fitness

Strength equipment and weight training accessories for rowing

In addition to training on the water, additional strength training is recommended for rowers, especially when rowing a power-intensive boat class.
Numerous rowing clubs provide their members with equipped weight rooms that enable them to train regardless of the weather. In addition to indoor rowing,
also with weight machines and weight training accessories, as we offer them here.

Rowing clubs often order power racks, lat pulldown machines along with rowing handles, barbell bars, weight plates, weight benches and leg presses from us.

The definition of rowing accessories is therefore not limited to the water sports area, but the consideration must also include the athlete and his
involve physical development itself. If it is not always possible for him to pursue rowing training, he can also do it in the home gym / weight room, for example
his rowing club to work on his strength and condition.

Cover your rowing accessories needs with us when it comes to developing strength and condition as a rower on land.
If you are based in a region that we do not supply directly, please select the dealer in your country from our dealer list.

Below are some of the products that rowing clubs have already purchased from us: