Company fitness accessories

Company fitness accessories

The offer of company fitness, as one of several pluses to be listed in the job offers, is becoming increasingly important for companies.
Generations meet when it comes to company sports. On the one hand, those who are increasingly focusing on work-life balance and, on the other hand, those who are expected to work longer as a baby boomer generation. Sweating together during training strengthens team spirit and mutual respect. With a range of company fitness programs, the companies create a good basis for fewer sick days. Overall, everyone involved benefits when company fitness is offered and accepted in companies.

Companies that provide their own premises for internal company fitness require the appropriate accessories as equipment. At this point, the international network of ATX® dealers is available to you as a purchasing source when it comes to equipment and accessories for company fitness in the areas of weight training, functional fitness, athletics & cardio. Whether it is a protective floor covering, a climbing rope, a dumbbell set, a treadmill or a large strength machine - our comprehensive product range has it for you.

With the ATX® fitness products, which we develop ourselves in our German headquarters, high quality at a reasonable price is an essential factor. You will find numerous fitness products in the ATX® range that are certified for demanding studio use. In addition to the large selection, even different special solutions, we are moving at a very affordable price level. With ATX® we offer you a globally established brand whose products are also used in high-performance sports (e.g. equipment for Olympic bases, competition use).

With the company fitness accessories offered, you provide a training environment within the company, which can certainly inspire employees who are interested in sports. Thus, the plus point for company fitness mentioned in a job advertisement is a true statement.

For your first impression of which products are very well suited for company fitness, we have put together a well-mixed selection for you below. Our clear shop navigation and the use of the search function expand your overview of our product range in a very practical way. If you are based in a region that we do not supply directly, please select the dealer in your country from the ATX® dealer list.

You can find your long-lasting company fitness accessories with us and the international ATX® dealers - that's what we're there for you!